EvridWear 6 Pairs Beauty Cotton Gloves with Touchscreen Fingers for Women

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Our EvridWear beauty gloves are like no other gloves on the market. Touchscreen for all your electronics, 2 thicknesses to choose from, and no seams to bother you while you work, play or just rest. Please give them a try and see if these are not the most comfortable and tech savvy glamour gloves you will find!Eczema or extremely dry skin requires stronger solutions. Ointment or lotion needs to be absorbed into your skin during the night. This means you must make sure that the lotion stays on for a longer time. These beauty gloves can do the job. And they fit incredibly well, molding to fingers and palm. They reduce the slip or slide that comes from other gloves, even when there is an oily substance underneath.Not only are they comfortable, they are flexible enough to fit most hand sizes. 3 Sizes, with enough elasticity, to fit small hands or big hands, there’s always one size for you. Please wash by hand to extend the life of our gloves. Also, check out our beauty exfoliating gloves that come in three levels, light, moderate, and heavy. Just type in Evridwear in the search box to view.


  • 100% Cotton, making these hypoallergenic, soft, breathable and comfortable.
  • 2 styles-Feather and Light Weight, you choose your style depending on your therapy. Both are breathable, so you can wear them day or night, sleeping or lounging.
  • Touchscreen Fingers. Now you can use your touchscreen phone or pad without the problem of removing your gloves.
  • No seams, don’t fight with seams like those other gloves. Our gloves are machine made, not cut and sewn. You will find these gloves are very comfortable.
  • Stays Put, our elastic cuff, helps keep your gloves secure, while active or sleeping.
  • 6 Pairs, ladies have enough on hand for the family room or bedroom or share with family or friends.


Key Features:

  • How many times have you had to remove your moisturizing gloves to answer or make a call? We thought of that. Two fingers, the thumb and index are touchscreen compatible.
  • Do you like to lay in bed and play games with your iPad? Now checking your social media or emailing on your iPhone or other touchscreen device, while getting the care you need, just got easier. Helps prevent staining of clothes, bedding, fabrics and furniture.
  • EvridWear Beauty Gloves- We have thoughtfully designed two weights of moisturizing gloves, Feather weight and Light weight. If your hand cream and lotion is thick, you can choose the light one. If your hands need to be more breathable to beat sweat, the feather one is a good choice. You can also choose styles according to the season.
  • Simple directions, apply your favorite lotion or ointment, slip on the style of glove you like best, and see the results. Helps keep the treatment in place, no greasy smudges all over the house.


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    EvridWear Beauty Cotton G mention blloves

    Posted by Nadine Dickie on Dec 17th 2019

    These gloves are amazing! I got the extra light and they do breathe just the way they claim to. I bought these gloves because I have a tendency to chew my fingers when I get stressed. I put a healing cream on my hands and put the gloves on not just overnight but also during the day except for when I'm having something to eat. I highly recommend t hear gloves to anyone who has dry skin or a tendency to chew their fingers like I do.The Price is Right the product is high quality and I can't speak highly enough about them thank you EvridWear for making them.

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    Love these gloves because I can use my phone with them on!

    Posted by Debra Rosier on Aug 22nd 2019

    Anna was super helpful!