EvridWear Cotton Finger Toe Cots

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Our EvridWear finger cots provide you relief and protection when you have finger and nail issues. Unlike those gel or rubber finger cots, we made ours from natural cotton yarn. A little elastic at the top, provides a secure fit that others don't provide. They also work great on toes that need the same relief. Try them when you get a new pair of boots and eliminate that "rubbing" until your shoes break in.


Key Features

  • Comfort fingers—Use them inside your gloves to give you that cushion and comfort from those nagging seams inside the gloves you use.
  • Comfort toes—Use them on your toes to provide that cushion you need from toes rubbing against one another, corns or shoes.
  • Protection—Use them to protect your fingers or toes when you have those cuts, bruises or calluses that need some time to heal. Perfect to cover some fingernails or toenails after your visit to the nail salon.
  • Money saver—Use them when you don’t need a full glove to perform tasks.
  • Other uses - Protect your hardwood floors from scratches by using them on the legs of chairs and tables. Wear them to help you from biting your nails or even as a doggie toothbrush. Teachers, use them as a quick and easy wall board eraser for those little errors. This finger sleeves are widely used in sports activity, especially basketball, baseball and volleyball games.

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