Evridwear Cut Resistant Finger Cots

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Evridwear finger protectors can let your hands feel free while protecting your finger. When you have eczema or a cut on your finger and you still need to type the keyboard or other jobs, try our finger cots. They offer protection and relief and give your fingers time to heal or protection from cut hazards. Evridwear finger protectors can be your best friend.


Unlike gel silicone finger protector, they breath, your finger will be protected without feeling sticky and wet.


Evridwear finger protector is also cut resistant, you can even use sharp tools with the protector on with less worries about cuts or abrasions. And you can protect your favorite gloves with this finger protector, making your gloves last longer. And you can even use them for your skinny legs of your desk avoiding to scratch the wood floor or other hard surface.


Key Features

  • Cut Resistant - These finger cots are cut resistant, finger cots made with the strong HPPE materials,making them long lasting. STRONGER THAN STEEL IN THE SAME WEIGHT.
  • Extend - Gloves usually wear out at the fingertips, use our finger cots to extend the life of your favorite gloves, either wear them inside or out.
  • Protection - Use them to protect your fingers or when you have those cuts, bruises or calluses that need covering. Remember, they are cut resistant, not cut proof. Use caution around sharp objects.
  • Breathable - Our finger cots are made from breathable material, so no worries with moisture like those gel and rubber cots that don’t breathe.
  • Money saver - Use them when you don’t need a full glove to perform tasks that are prone to cuts or abrasions.



Weight: 0.64 oz