EvridWear Double Layer Thermal Work Gloves with Crisscross Honeycomb Grip Two Sides

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EvridWear safety work gloves are made of materials and finishes built to afford better dexterity. Dual function gloves have a removable liner that you use when you need them. Our combination Silicone/PVC crisscross grip design will give you the additional grip you need and it’s on both sides. We provide a long lasting product that we stand behind.


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The PVC/silicone honeycomb grip covers the entire glove so you can reverse them for extended wear and it allows for great grip and less hand fatigue. When you carry something slippery, it won’t be easy for the object to slip from your hands.

The part between the thumb and the index finger is a high wear area that we thought of too! Our coating of PVC/silicone on this part reinforces it, increasing the service life of the utility gloves.

This heavy duty glove is used in industries, automotive plants, laying brick, moving boxes, material handling, bottling industries, package handling, farm, gardening, indoor or outdoor maintenance projects or anywhere your hands needs protection. There are an endless amount of uses for this glove.