EvridWear Girls Fingerless Flap Cover Gloves with Brightness Wafer(3 pairs)

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Our EvridWear flip back mittens are made of durable, thermal materials, which have a great warm protection. So your hands will not be freezed. And they are friendly for your skin that you can enjoy your outdoor activities better. The style is well-designed by our professional designer. She considered half finger gloves'appearance and customers'using habits seriously, and make a combination of function and beauty. It is worth for you buying our fingerless flip top gloves.

Key Feature:

  • Made from cozy warm materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. So our flip top gloves have a great quality in guarantee. And we provide a long lasting provide that we stand behind.
  • Fits women and 8-16Y girls. Mothers can enjoy wearing the same style gloves with their daughters.
  • Tight button and wafers. Our manufacturing techniques can be trusted. The button is sewed and wafers are glued on the convertible cover tightly and will not fall off easily. And the wafers are neatly organized on the flap cover. So the appearance of the gloves is attractive.
  • Multifunctional flap cover, which can be a decoration or keep fingers warm and windproof. When children write or play, just button up the flap cover.
  • Soft, windproof and breathable. When you ski, ride, run, hike, climb, exercise outdoors in cold days, Comfort is very important after wearing gloves. Our thermal flip top gloves will satisfy you.
  • Hand wash: If you want to keep them for a long time, please wash by hands as far as possible.