EvridWear Kid Sized Cut Resistant Gloves

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EvridWear Cut Resistant Gloves have been evaluated according to EN388, Europe’s mandatory performance requirement for all gloves as standardized and regulated by the CEN, the highest level 5 Cut Resistance rating. EvridWear Cut Resistant Gloves are safe for food preparation in kitchens.

The kids-sized gloves are designed to help protect small hands from cuts and abraisons. They are also great for cut protection when doing crafts and working with sharp objects. But please remember they are cut resistant, not cut proof, so use caution around cut hazards.

Pink, green and gray and 3 sizes are available to choose from!


Key Features:

  • KIDS-SIZED - The kids-sized gloves designed to protect small hands from cutting. Keep your little ones safe in kitchen or doing crafts. Pink, green and gray available.
  • MATERIAL - Made from high performance Polyethylene (HPPE) glass fibers, which are knitted together tightly to prevent the knife from cutting through. Highly durable, lightweight, and comfortable.
  • CUT PROTECTION - Highest level 5 ANSI cutting class, EN 388 & CE certified, 100% food safe. Provides additional safety to prevent cuts and abrasions.
  • MULTI-USE - Ideal tools for preparing food or working on projects involving knives, scissors, paper cutters or blades.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Washing machine friendly, however, we do recommend to let the gloves drip dry. Throwing them into a dryer may cause damage/shrinkage to the microfiber tech that is instilled in each glove.

Why Let Your Child Help You in the Kitchen

Teaching kids to cook is one of the best things you can do for their health in the long run. But it's also true that kitchens contain many things that can hurt your kids. Now you can have your kids help with dinner, learning to cut vegetables or use a peeler, and give them the skills they can use later in life. Choose Evridwear kid size cut resistant work gloves, it will help to keep your child safe!

Why Choose EvridWear Kid's Cut Resistant Gloves

Evridwear kids-sized cut resistant gloves are designed to protect small hands from cuts and abraisons. Superior grip with a snug, elastic fit. Highly durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Provides additional safety to prevent cuts and abrasions. Now you can let your little ones use the right tools and have less worry about cuts and scrapes. We have three kid-friendly colors to choose: Pink, green and gray available.  Choose one color for indoors and another for outdoor use.