EvridWear Microfiber Auto Dusting Cleaning Gloves

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EvridWear Dusting Gloves makes cleaning fun and easy!

 High performance microfiber cleaning gloves are made from super soft microfiber, which can instantly trap dirt, dust, allergens, pet hair and more. No liquids, sprays or harmful chemicals are needed so your hands stay soft, clean and germ free.

Five-finger type can help you clean those hard-to-reach places and ideal from detaining nooks, crannies and corners. You can dust lamps, blinds, TV, microwave and furniture, and also perfect to clean windows, mirrors, and bathrooms.


Another Use of the dusting gloves is to clean your car. They are great for cleaning the interior and also the wheels. They can also be used for dusting the guitars and other instruments. They are scratch-free, lint-free and safe to use on any surface.

The gloves can stretch to fit any hands size and suitable for both right and left hands, for kids, men and women.

Package Contents:

3 Options can be choose!

  • 1 Pair of EvridWear Dusting Gloves x/xl size;
  • 1 Pair of EvridWear Dusting Gloves s/m size;
  • 1 Pair of EvridWear Dusting Gloves x/xl size and 1 Pair of EvridWear Dusting Gloves s/m size


EvridWear is a responsible brand who pursues to maximize customer satisfaction, GREATER QUALITY, LOWER PRICE! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.