EvridWear The Griller BBQ Apron and the Griller kit

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Are you “THE GRILLER” of the house?  Let everyone know it.

Used by men and women alike, our grilling aprons give you the protection for your clothes and body by taking the brunt of outdoor cooking messes, grease splattering and heat.  Our designer has given you extra pockets in varying widths to hold most anything.

And why stop there, adding a loop for your phone cord, keeps it safe and out of the way.

 The trademarked “THE GRILLER” embroidery lets everyone know who brings the best cooking to the plate. No patch used here, nothing but machined embroidery will do for that special grill master. Everything about this apron is high quality, call it professional grade.



Do you like listening to music, your favorite audio book or do you just like talking on your mobile? This outdoor or indoor kitchen apron offers a one of a kind feature, it comes with a unique headphones loop. Combine your passion for cooking (or make cooking more tolerable) along with your love for music and books. This special loop prevents your headphones from getting in the way of your cooking by preventing dangling cords and makes it so much more FUN to cook.

Adjustable bib apron: changeable sizing, with a 110-inch-long tie, which is made from cotton and soft for the skin on your neck. Adjust this chef apron’s length to whatever you want. No matter if you are tall or short, slim or big, our aprons will fit most people. No shortage of pockets here.  5 pockets give you plenty of options to keep your kitchen and grilling tools and utensils within reach.  Keep your phone handy as well as seasoning items, thermometers, recipes, water bottle, towels and just about anything else you can think of.


Maintaining your apron: your apron can last for years with the proper care.
Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your garment but removes dirt and abrasive materials that can cause premature wear. Regular cleaning can also prevent dirt build-up from becoming deep irremovable stains.

  • Wash separately initially to avoid color bleeding.
  • Machine-wash cold. Do not bleach.
  • Clasp ties to prevent tangling.
  • Tumble dry low heat.


Oil, stain, and even water resistant, if you follow the prescribed washing method. It is made from high quality materials, that are practical, durable and functional.

Where else can you use this apron: restaurants, bars, food trucks, outdoor cooking pits and ovens, cooking contests, kitchen grilling, the list goes on and on.