EvridWear Cut Resistant Sleeves

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Our EvridWear cut protection sleeves have the right stuff. Any job that requires protection, needs safety related equipment. Our cut resistant sleeves provide it!

Lightweight, with a little stretch, giving you a comfortable fit. Use on either arm, reversible. Two choices, sleeves with and without a thumbhole. Which do you prefer? It’s stronger than leather, highly durable, safe and lightweight. Breathable, reducing sweat.

We have 2 option and 4 size can be choose:


  • With Thumb Hole
  • No thumb hole



TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF—As we get older, we need more protection than ever. Our healing process slows and having the protection to avoid cuts and abrasions is paramount. Give these as a gift to anyone who you worry about, giving you peace of mind and helping those you love.

PROFESSIONALS OR AMATUERS—It doesn’t matter whether you work on an assembly line or the clothes line at home, everyone can feel at ease with our safety sleeves. Can also be used in food processing and preparation, these sleeves are food safe and reversible.

EASY TO CLEAN--Machine wash, drip dry. If you want them to last longer, hand wash.

No thumb hole



No thumb hole

MULTI-FUNCTION—Where can you NOT use protection?

These sleeves provide serious protection from cuts, abrasions, and burns,

while giving sun protection. These sleeves protect you while working in the yard,

pruning, trees or brush cutting, clipping, or doing other inside or outside the home demolition and repairs.

Choosing sizes is not difficult when purchasing our arm covers.

If you have a thin wrist but burly arm, just choose your usual size.

Don't worry that the arm part of sleeves will be small.

Because the used materials cause that our cut resistant arm guards have a moderate elasticity.


TESTING--The test results are in. ASTM-ANSI Performance Level A2 Cut Resistant and EN

388 Level 5. Remember, these sleeves are cut resistant, not cut proof. Use Caution Always!

Pair it with our cut resistant gloves for total protection, just search EvridWear.


Breathable and Without Rough Tactility, making your arms have little sweat and

no abrasion to your skin after long time wearing. Hand wash and

Machine wash, Drip Dry. Please keep away fire.Great for mechanics, HVAC, Landscapers,

Assembly Line and all types of installation.jobs.


If you don’t like safety arm sleeves with thumb slot and want to wear another gloves like cut resistant gloves, rubber coated gloves or other protective gloves, you can choose arm sleeves with no thumb hole. Protecting your hands and forearm.

  • 4 Sizes for Your Choice and Moderate Elasticity. Don't worry about size. There is always one for you
  • Fits Right and Left Hands Both. You can wear the safety arm guards optionally.
  • Hand wash and Machine wash, Drip Dry. Please keep away fire.