EvridWear String Knit Safety Work Gloves Warehouse Glove with one side dots(12 Pairs)

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  EvridWear natural color work gloves have three styles for you to choose from.

  We have fully considered the needs of different customers.

  One or two sides dotted working glove are suitable for those people who do the handling, lifting, moving, packing, etc. helps your grip.

  The non grip knit glove is suitable for those who only need to protect their hands from all those things you don’t want to touch with your bare hands or don’t require grip assistance. Choose the right one for you.



EvridWear string knit work gloves with dots are firmly attached. Choose one side with dots or two sides with dots. Great for warehouse pickers or home gardeners needing grip.


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There are totally 12 pairs in each pack. Plenty to go around and keep everyone clean and safe with hands protected. Keep a space between your hands and nasty jobs.

Great gloves for farming, picking crops, loading crates for market or just working in your home garden.

The cotton/polyester blends are highly absorbent, cool, breathable, comfortable and launders extremely well. These work gloves are very economical and practical.

Get the grip you need for your job! Keep those blisters and calluses away.