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EvridWear 1 Pair Cut Resistant Gloves, Food Grade, Level 5 Protection, HPPE (Pink)

EvridWear 1 Pair Cut Resistant Gloves, Food Grade, Level 5 Protection, HPPE (Pink)

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Keep Your Hands Safe With Evridwear Cut Resistant Gloves

No more worries when chopping and slicing

Made from HPPE materials, the highest level 5 Cut Resistance rating material. EvridWear cut-resistant gloves can not only protect your hands from being scratched with biting blades in the kitchen but are also 100% food-safe. Perfect gloves to gain confidence in the kitchen and save your time when chopping, cutting, peeling, slicing with another layer of safety. Ideal for handling broken glass, cleaning up trash, and working with sharp tools and equipment.

INVEST IN QUALITY AND SAFETY- Made from high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) glass fibers (10 times stronger than leather), which are knitted together tightly to help prevent a knife or other sharp tools from cutting through. Highly durable, lightweight, and comfortable

PERFECT KITCHEN CUT PROTECTION - 100% FOOD SAFE & NON-TOXIC! Highest level 5 EN388 cutting class and ANSI certified. Provides additional safety to prevent cuts and abrasions

COMFORTABLE FIT, BREATHABLE, AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Available in pink, green, and gray. Pick a color that is suitable for your kitchen. 4 sizes are available to fit both youth and adults. Why settle for one color from most sellers when you have more choices from EvridWear

MULTI-PURPOSE GLOVES - Protection for slicing, oyster shucking, and cutting in the kitchen, but also for home crafts, pumpkin & wood carving, carpentry and so much more. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use as well- perfect for the garden, mechanics, landscaping, and construction work. Use them anywhere cut hazards exist

MULTIPLE CHOICES - EvridWear cut-resistant gloves appear in Three attractive colors: Pink, Green, and Gray with FOUR different sizes - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. Find your favorite color with the perfect fitting sizes for all family members to enjoy your family cooking time!

AN IDEAL GIFT FOR LOVED ONES - If you care for their safety, EvridWear cut-resistant gloves are indispensable. They are also appropriate for any holiday or special event, such as Birthday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving or just to say thank you to anyone

Caution: Please remember, cut-resistant gloves are not CUT PROOF, nor puncture-proof. Our gloves will you a second layer of protection and peace of mind, but you still need to use caution when using sharp instruments.


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  • Nitrile Coated Palm

    Enhances durability and puncture resistance, ideal for handling sharp tools and rugged materials.

  • Protection from Harmful Substances

    Shields against harmful chemicals and potential skin irritants.

  • Versatile for Tough Tasks

    Suitable for various tasks, including those involving sharp tools or rough materials.