Cotton Touchscreen Moisturizing Gloves


Our EvridWear unisex premium cotton touchscreen moisturizing gloves are super soft and breathable. Assist in the absorption of creams & ointments. Treat hand eczema, moisturize, conceals skin disorders, dry hands. Featuring high sensitive conductive material on thumbs forefingers, they are compatible with all touch screen technology products on the market. What's more? They are washable and reusable, available in white and black.

【Natural Material】100% pure cotton. These gloves are lightweight, soft, breathable, absorbent, and have no static cling.
【Touchscreen Fingertips】We improved touchscreen functionality (thumbs and forefingers) for phones, iPad, Kindles or computers, any touchscreen device. They help in avoiding smudges on your screens while using creams and ointments.
【Elastic Cuff】With an elastic strip on the back of the cuff that slightly adjusts, creating a firm fit for day or night.
【Skin care】Treatment, healing, hand care for body lotion, cream, ointment absorption during the day or bedtime.
【Multi-purpose】Great for coin jewelry silver inspection, restaurants, weddings, catering industry, school, bands, photography, archival, and art handling to prevent fingerprints and dirt.

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