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EvridWear 1 Pair 9 Hours Heated 3M Ski Gloves with 2 Rechargeable Battery

EvridWear 1 Pair 9 Hours Heated 3M Ski Gloves with 2 Rechargeable Battery

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EvridWear 9 Hours continued heated gloves will meet the challenge of providing warmth to your cold hands. These are not your average heated gloves, we used the best materials like goatskin, neoprene, 3M Thinsulate, HIPORA waterproof liners, and the best heating system available. We believe these gloves will be your best friend on those freezing days and nights. 3 colors to choose from, Black, Gray, and Hot Pink.

Key Features:

  • 9 hours of use before recharging depending on your level of activity and metabolism. 3 Temperature Levels Blue--104℉-113℉, Green--122℉-131℉, Red--140℉-150℉
  • 3M Thinsulate and built-in HIPORA waterproof liner---provides additional warmth
  • Neoprene inserts on the back---providing some impact-resistance
  • Goat Leather Palm---anti-abrasion, yet soft to touch
  • 2 Touchscreen Fingers---calling, sending messages, etc
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