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EvridWear 3 Pairs Boy Girl Knit Warm Touchscreen Gloves, Fall Winter Cold Weather (2-14 years)

EvridWear 3 Pairs Boy Girl Knit Warm Touchscreen Gloves, Fall Winter Cold Weather (2-14 years)

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Our smartphone magic gloves are designed from a practical point by professional designers and have a strong function ability. The unique 2 touchscreen fingers are very convenient and great for Texting/Typing/Writing in cold weather. The color and style are classic and good-looking and will be never out of style.

The knitted stretch touch screen gloves are made from comfortable and high-quality material with excellent elasticity and stretch fitting most children’s hands. The premium smart gloves keep your fingers cozy, comfortable and let you do all things in the cold while staying warm.

Made from the best manufacturing techniques and 100% Acrylic, which is lightweight, soft, and breathable. The comfortable fabric is high-quality and will keep you warm all winter.

Various Colors for your choice. The thermal touchscreen gloves have 3 colors, 3 pairs. Having 3 different colors of texting gloves allows you to wear a different touch glove every day. And if you don’t 3 pairs, you can send 1 pair to your families or friends as a great Birthday, Christmas, New Year, or Thanksgiving, gift.

One Size Fits All. The magic gloves with 2 touch screen fingertips have a stretch that fits most.

Product Care Instructions:
Do not wash with hot water. Do not chlorine bleaching. Hang dry in shade. Do not iron.
Hand wash or spot clean is recommended! Please don't try machine wash or brush wash (In order to avoid Pilling).

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