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EvridWear Kids Gardening Gloves, Vegetable Patterns (Green)

EvridWear Kids Gardening Gloves, Vegetable Patterns (Green)

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EvirdWear Kids Gardening Gloves are the most popular and widely recognized kids work gloves on the market, helping your kids in various working environments - gardening, outdoor sports, fishing, crafting, camping, helping out mommy and daddy's housework, or any other activity where the little one need protection for their hands.

  • MULTIPLE USES - Perfect for kid's light-duty work, outdoor sports, yard work, digging, planting, fishing, biking, shoveling, and other activities that require hand protection. 
  • ANTI-SLIP - Coated with premium foamed latex with experienced manufacture techniques. Covering fingers & palm for excellent waterproof and cut-resistant grip protection while remaining the dexterity.
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL - Consist of sweat-wicking polyester. Providing lightweight, breathable, seamless comfort for those little hands.
  • ELASTIC CUFF - Sizing from 3 years old to 14 years teen. Ensuring stretchable cuffs at the wrist and a snug fit for all ages while presenting water, dust, mud, and sand resistance on the palm.
  • GUARANTEED CUSTOMER SERVICE - Provide Lifetime Customer Service for free replacement or full refund if not satisfied.


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  • Nitrile Coated Palm

    Enhances durability and puncture resistance, ideal for handling sharp tools and rugged materials.

  • Protection from Harmful Substances

    Shields against harmful chemicals and potential skin irritants.

  • Versatile for Tough Tasks

    Suitable for various tasks, including those involving sharp tools or rough materials.