Merino Wool Fingerless Touchscreen Gloves


Elevate your comfort and style with EvridWear's Merino Wool String Knit Liner Fingerless Touchscreen Gloves in Black. Crafted from 95% Merino Wool, 3% Nylon, and 2% Elastane, these gloves offer exceptional warmth and insulation while preventing heat loss.

  • Perfect for those who prefer thinner gloves but still desire warmth, our knit wool fingerless gloves provide an excellent balance of comfort and functionality. Merino wool's natural climate-regulating properties ensure year-round comfort, making these gloves suitable for all seasons.
  • Merino wool is renowned for its strength, durability, and softness, making it six times stronger than cotton. The fiber's ability to bend back onto itself over 20,000 times ensures long-lasting wear. Additionally, Merino wool's natural moisture-wicking properties keep your hands dry and comfortable.
  • Experience the versatility of fingerless glove liners, which offer surprising warmth despite their thin and lightweight design. The rib knit cuff finish not only keeps dirt and wind out but also ensures a secure fit. Plus, with their fingerless design, these gloves are compatible with all touchscreen devices.
  • Merino wool's finer and softer texture, combined with its renewable nature, sets it apart from other fabrics. It also possesses odor-absorbing properties, keeping your gloves fresh wear after wear.

For easy care, these gloves are machine washable and can withstand air drying. For extended longevity, we recommend turning them inside out and handwashing.

Stay warm, comfortable, and connected with EvridWear's Merino Wool Fingerless Touchscreen Gloves, the perfect accessory for everyday wear.

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